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Established in 1990, Siddharth Chemicals is a forward-looking company based in Baroda, India, which is an epicenter of chemical giants. Also, the company has its strategically located work centre in Saurashtra, known to be the biggest cotton textile hub in India and has its authorized distributors across India.

Back In 1990, Jitendrabhai Dhruv, Chief Managing Director and founder of Siddharth Chemicals, unleashed the capabilities of organic and inorganic chemicals to drive results and started manufacturing high-quality chemicals. He currently drives the strategic vision, product, and growth of the company. While Rushabh Dhruv, Managing Director, leads the operations, partner relations, and manages national sales. As a result, Siddharth Chemicals currently have over 58 products in it’s portfolio.

The company leverage science and technology to offer an end-to-end solution to customers worldwide. As a leading manufacturer and exporter of chemicals, we are privileged to offer our innovative products like Sodium Sulphate, Soda Ash, Caustic Soda Flakes, Aluminium Chloride, Citric Acid and many more to our clients not only in India but across other countries. We are fulfilling some of the most successful companies with our differential products for over 30 years.

Since its inception, the company has witnessed over 400 times growth in its market share and is a niche in offering cutting-edge organic and inorganic chemicals to its customers. All thanks to our employees and customers.

Siddharth Chemicals are passionate about delivering highly reliable and best quality chemicals to our clients worldwide. Our talented employees, therefore, deploy the best industry practices and guidelines in delivering an outstanding product. We aim to delight our customers and employees by manufacturing innovative products and driving sustainability.

We have an overarching goal of becoming the industry leader in offering innovative chemicals. We aim to add exponential value to our customer’s lives by bridging the gap between their need and our offerings through our intelligently built products.

Our Ethics are important to us and act as an unwavering guide that dictates our behavior

We ensure trust and loyalty in all our internal and external relationships since we believe integrity can only keep us inspired and satisfied.

Consumer Oriented Action:
All our products are developed using the customer-centric approach and the highest level of care is delivered to our clients in terms of quality.

We know what it takes to earn trust, we, therefore, are committed to upholding your trust with our best quality products.

At Siddharth Chemicals, we not only capitalize on science and technology but also challenge our limits to drive innovation.

We empower our employees with the latest industry trends, findings, and skills to ensure they stay updated and facilitate continuous improvement in the organization.


To delight our Customers, & Employees by consistently manufacturing high quality products through Innovation, Research and Development and by maintaining Global best practices in Quality standards and Safety.


To be the market leader in the "Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemicals domain" with a Global perspective by exceeding Customer expectations in Quality and Service, attain operational excellence in Manufacturing, Total Quality Management, Safety & Supply Chain facilitated through our fully compliant state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.

Our Core Values


For us, Integrity implies honesty and transparency in our business processes and the highest level of ethical behaviour and professional act in customer services.

Customer First

Customer demands for our products and their feedbacks are driving force for our growth and development. We create long term relationship with customers through value addition in their products and processes. At Siddharth Chemicals employees treat customers with honesty, respect and dignity.


At Siddharth Chemicals, we are committed to all our Customers’ adopting best practices in business operations to honour our deliverables to every person, entity or organization, associated with us.

Respect for Individual

We are committed to create a work culture that encourage trust in the organisation, respect to an individual and value the diversity in the organisation.

Contribute to the society

We believe that our responsibility as a member of society to create value in society through improvement in Industrial products, with quality and caring for environment.

Authorized Dealers

& other chemical industries. Our monthly output of chemicals is 18,000 metric tons to 20,000 metric tons.

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